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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment

Have you ever had a horrifyingly embarrassing experience due to your pregnancy?

On my Frankly Pregnant web site I've shared many of my own experiences and had many women submit their stories as well. Besides sharing a good laugh, I hoped that some women would take comfort in knowing that they’re not the only one who's passed trumpet-like gas in the library.

Here’s one of my favorite submissions:

Jurassic Fart

During my second pregnancy I had some horribly loud gas. One day, my oldest son was playing with his dinosaurs so I decided to get my big butt down there and play with him. He was making all sorts of sounds with the dinosaurs, making them talk to each other. As I bent down to join him, I let out a HUGE fart. My son thought it was incredibly funny. Now when he plays with his dinosaurs he thinks that is the sound they are supposed to make!
-Kathleen, Texas

Do you have any Embarrassing Pregnancy Moments that you'd like to share?


Blogger scaredymama said...

OMG, I am laughing so hard I'm about to pee down my leg!

4:01 PM  

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