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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jean’s Belly Shot

Here’s Jean from riceandsoup. She was actually in labor with her first baby when this photo was taken. Who could tell from the look on her face? She seems so calm! Jean is due to have a second baby this November.

Jean says, “I was in early labor when this picture was taken. I'd gone to 12 days past my due date before my doctor got concerned about the baby's erratic heartbeat. He then induced me and sent me home with instructions to check in at the clinic the next day. But, I misunderstood him as saying to check in only when I felt things moving along, so it was 13 days past due by the time the clinic called to ask where in the world I was, and by the way, your doctor had to go on emergency leave so you've to see a backup gynecologist. We went down to the clinic, I was induced again and made to stay in the labor ward for 24 hours. Things never got beyond 2cm although I was contracting a fair bit. Alison was born 14 days past due on 13 June at 11:25am by C-section.”


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