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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gushing Expenses

Here's another one of my favorite Embarrassing Pregnancy Moments. Enjoy!

Gushing Expenses
-Melissa, Georgia

Days of Braxton Hicks told me that my baby could come at any time. And let me tell you, I was ready! That Friday My hubby and I rode the subway on our way to have lunch together. Since there was only one seat available, I sat down and my husband stood to my left. A young, college student seated to my right eyed my huge belly and looked at my husband in a way that said, "I don't envy you!" As the train came to a stop more people got on. I began to feel a pressure down below like never before. All of a sudden I heard myself moan, "OOOOOHHHH! MY WATER BROKE!" Some people report a small trickle, but this was no trickle. This was a GUSH! College boy jumped up. "WHAT THE!?!"

I looked up at my husband and he had a deep furrow in my brow. Rather than tending to me, he began apologizing to the kid who was sitting beside me. At first I was hurt but, when I realized why, I understood. The kid's shoes were SOAKED!! So was the entire area where I was seated. Talk about humiliation! The entire train's eyes were on me. Luckily the hospital was only two stops down. That gave us just enough time to get the young man's name and phone number. Needless to say, the first check we wrote after the birth of our son was to a college student for a new pair of shoes!

Artwork by Shirley Chiang


Blogger Mom101 said...

I admit I'm grateful mine broke in my apartment. My embarrassment stemmed from the fact that I thought my water broke, only to discover at the hospital that I was leaking KY from that morning's internal. Oh, the shame.

8:01 AM  

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