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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Top Ten Fears During Pregnancy

As most of you already know, pregnancy can be a very stressful time. It’s the hormones; it’s the fear of a changing lifestyle; it’s the worries about the baby; and it’s the fear of the actual delivery. OMG! My vagina has to stretch to the size of a ripe honeydew melon! I haven’t ever had anything bigger than a kielbasa in there… unless you count that basketball player in college. Oh, but we digress…

When I was pregnant the first time, this was my top ten list. What are (or were) your top ten fears, worries or concerns? I’d like to compile a collective top ten from as many pregnant (or formerly pregnant) women as possible. Then we can jointly tackle each item together.

10. Will pregnancy ruin my cute and perky boobs?
9. Can I manage a career and motherhood?
8. Will having a baby end my social life?
7. Will I still be attractive after motherhood?
6. Will I be a bad mother?
5. What if the baby has birth defects?
4. What if I lost the baby?
3. What if my hemorrhoids exploded during delivery?
2. What if I pooped on the delivery table?
1. How much was the delivery really going to HURT!?