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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lucia Update

I'm sorry to have been neglecting you all lately. I promise to be back blogging in full frankly funny style soon.

I've been overwhelmed with even more hospital visits than usual this week and haven't had time to work, blog, exercise, or even attend to my own family the way I normally do. As most of you know, my friend Lucia is very sick and will be passing soon. We thought for sure that we were going to loose her on Tuesday after she had a stroke. Her husband even asked me to go as far as finding a proper funeral home and burial plot. On Thursday, she made a comeback and seemed more like her usual self. Of course, there's no chance for her to recover at this point. Her body is too far deteriated and continues to fail even more with each day but, her spirit is still alive and well. When I last saw her I asked, "So, you going to be around a while?"

She said she was.

"You've been faking us all out ya know."

"I know. I got ya, didn't I?" Lucia said with a smile.

I'll be going to visit Lucia again tomorrow. I usually take the hour-long drive every other day and spend most of the day or overnight with her. But, now I've got to carve out a different schedule to visit my friend, Emily as well. She had an emergency colon surgery this past Monday and has been suffering from complications of this surgery ever since. She was supposed to come home within a day or two but has remained because she's got extreme pain, swelling, and is not urinating or passing bowels. Her doctor seems to think she'll be OK and we should just "watch" her. WTF watch her?! I wouldn't' be so concerned if it weren't from the fact that this very same doctor was the surgeon that operated on my friend, Deb's sister who died from complications just a few months ago.

There are tons of other "little" factors that have been adding to my stress lately, but I'm too tired to list them all.

I've been drinking a bottle of wine every day and eating carbs until the cows come home. I'm gaining weight and most of my pants are really uncomfortable now. "Who cares?" I say to myself every night.


Blogger DD said...

Extra pounds would seem like a blessing to some, wouldn't it?

I don't know how you do it. Love is a very powerful energy, you know?

11:24 AM  
Blogger Demeter said...

Wow, Stacy, what stamina! I am sorry for your dear friend Lucia and now a compound with Emily. How do you do it? And the kids and the house and you? Superwoman! And who is taking care of you?

3:12 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

You know what, Stacy? Carbs and wine are getting you through this for right now. Don't beat yourself up (and I don't think you are, but just in case). We do what we have to, and this, my dear, is a tough time, if there ever was one.

Hang in there. And go buy a few pairs of pants.

I'm thinking of you.

12:06 AM  

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